MP International Solutions  

MP International Solutions provides you with solutions in an international challenging environment. Managing project crisis situations and cross-cultural topics in daily operations by identifying the roots of your problems are our main objectives.

MP International Solutions is the result of a long-standing and successful partnership between two professionals: Waltraud Gehrig and Natalia Holl. We are pursuing identical objectives:

Finding best possible solutions for problems in daily operations under continuously changing geopolitical and economic conditions with difficult preconditions. 

MP International Solutions stands for Modern Philosophies in an international environment. We aim at dissolving antagonisms, connecting the old with the new and bridging the East with the West. We provide our professional experience to companies and organizations, who want to become more efficient or struggle with their international projects. 

MP International Solutions specializes in different aspects of 

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To reach the qualitatively best results we cooperate with a number of experts fitting our professional requirements and quality standards. We all are specialized in countries of our geographical focus like the Former Soviet Union Republics (FSU), the Balkan countries and partly the Middle East Asia and Middle East North Africa (MEA/MENA) region. 

In our blog section we will share with you the latest information on the countries we work in paired with our professional expertise and give you latest informations and impressions. 

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